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Dave U. Random
2011-07-01 18:32:49 UTC
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Michael E. Kan and John M. Rashkis, both of Los Gatos
California, are dangerous, vicious, and mendacious physicians. Both
physicians routinely retaliate against family members who disagree
with their decisions by making false police reports of abuse against
family members of patients and false reports of abuse to County Adult
Protective Agencies.

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Both of these physicians presently have pending against themselves
multiple complaints to the California Medical Board Enforcement
Division for substandard care, harassment, unprofessional conduct,
and abuse of process.

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These two physicians are reptiles, reptiles of quite low character
in fact; contact them in any way that you feel appropriate and let
them know, palpably, what you think of reptiles. Do not patronize
them and do your civic duty to warn your friends, family, and the
general public about these despicable miscreants.

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Let us join together to drive them out by starving them out: no
patient in the office equals no mortgage payment, no pool payment, no
private school tuition payment for their children, and no porche

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Michael E. Kan:
Office Address: 360 Dardanelli Lane, Los Gatos, Ca 95032
(408) 378-2900
Home Address: 863 Robin Lane, Campbell, Ca 95008 (OLD)
1785 East Main Avenue, Morgan Hill, Ca 95037-3213
(408) 379-0179 (408) 379-5779

John M. Rashkis:
Office Address: 485 Monterey Avenue, Los Gatos, CA
(408) 354-9200 FAX: (408)395-5487
Home Address: 150 Old Adobe Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 378-7030

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Furthermore, since they practice at Good Samaritan Hospital in San
Jose, boycott this hospital if at all possible; go to Los Gatos or
O'Conner instead.

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Let us drive these detestable and loathsome vermin out, sooner
rather than later.

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Alan J
2011-07-02 10:54:47 UTC
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... loathsome vermin ...
Ahem, vilest moron.